The Museum of Photography began its online adventure in 2018 with the goal of making photography accessible to as many people as possible. This private initiative, with an institutional purpose, sets up virtual exhibitions accessible online and offers its services in the organization of physical exhibitions, driven by the desire to introduce a wide audience to the understanding of photography and its history.

Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to democratize access to the greatest masterpieces of photography. They can be present in renowned museums or in prestigious private collections, an online exhibition brings them together.

The idea of gathering all the major artistic works of the history of humanity does not date from yesterday, this encyclopaedic goal guided the creation of the first museums. However, André MALRAUX (1901-1976), in his book The Imaginary Museum (1947), explained that the museum is only a "meeting of so many masterpieces, from which so many masterpieces are absent [...]. As a mutilated possible".

He then proposed the existence of an imaginary museum, without walls, created thanks to photographs of artworks spread across the world.

Associated with digital photography, the Internet allows new modes of exhibitions, thus increasing the possibilities of access and creation of imaginary museums. In this perspective, the Museum of Photography wishes to give the opportunity to explore the world heritage of photography, with perpetual exhibitions curated and uploaded online throughout the year.

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