Rope Out, Regan, North Dakota



Pigment ink, 61 x 92 cm / 24 x 36 inch

En 2009, Mitch DOBROWNER décided to dedicate his time to a series of photographs about weather phenomena. He has been in contact with Roger HILL, a storm hunter for more than 30 years and expert on the subject. His photography Rope Out (2011) is one of the most exceptional, and his achievement is a true adventure. In the early morning, Mitch and Roger sensed that something was going to happen. Weather conditions predicted an unusual thunderstorm.

It was not until early afternoon that they saw a super-cellular storm in formation. Then, they traveled more than 60 km following clues in the sky to be able to observe this tornado. At just 1 mile away from the tornado Mitch DOBROWNER got out of the car to photograph it. The tornado going from left to right, they were safe. For about ten minutes he and Roger HILL took about twenty photographs, and it was about fifteen seconds before the tornado disappeared that DOBROWNER managed to capture this incredible moment.

Mitch DOBROWNER : "This shot captures the tornado towards its end, at a stage called the "rope out". It was much larger when it was in full force – and, within 15 seconds of this shot, it had gone completely. It was an exhilarating experience. I felt very lucky to be in the right position at the right time. It made me remember we are just on a rock spinning through space."

Source : Interview by Sarah PHILLIPS for the Guardian, 2 May 2012.

Know more: https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2012/may/02/pho...

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Rope Out, Regan, North Dakota - Mitch DOBROWNER
Rope Out, Regan, North Dakota
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