Shoshone Falls, Snake river, Idaho



albumen silver print, 20,2 x 27,5 cm / 8 x 10,9 inch

The Shoshone Falls, also known as Western Niagara, are over 64 meters high. Their extraordinary height makes them a natural barrier, separating two ecosystems, sturgeons and salmon can not go up. By the 1860s Shoshone Falls attracted many tourists, despite their isolated location.

In addition to Timothy O’SULLIVAN’s photographs, the falls were painted by Thomas MORAN (1837-1926). His vision of these impressive landscapes contributed to the decision to create Yellowstone National Park. In his painting we find a composition similar to the one made some twenty years earlier by Timothy O’SULLIVAN.

Thomas MORAN, Shoshone Falls on the Snake River, c. 1900, huile sur toile, 181 x 367 cm, Gilcrease Museum, Oklahoma.

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Shoshone Falls, Snake river, Idaho
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