Windstorm, Mt McKinley, Alaska



photogravure, 43,2 x 50,8 cm / 17 x 20 inch

Mount McKinley, renamed Mount Denali since 2015 : « the one upstair » in the local dialect, is the highest peak in North America. The extrem conditions and its remoted location, near the North Pole, make it one of the toughest mount to climb. The first ascend occured in 1913, carried out by the english missionary Hudson STUCK (1863-1920), the second one was carried out in 1932. In 1947, Barbara WASHBURN was the first woman to arrive at the top of Mount McKinley. Bradford WASHBURN is the first to climb it twice. The following photograph was taken in 1942, when Bradford WASHBURN made his first ascent, the third in history.

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Windstorm, Mt McKinley, Alaska
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