Jeffrey Pine, Sentinel Dome



gelatin silver print, 19,1 x 24,2 cm / 7,5 x 9,5 inch

Jeffrey Pine is a pine species native of North America. This specimen photographed by Ansel ADAMS in 1940 was at the top of the Sentinel Dome, one of the Sierra Nevada peaks in Yosemite Park. It is also the second highest point of the park, windswept, which makes the resistance of this pine surprising. This pine owed its shape so particular to the climatic conditions of the place. It had only a small amount of land and suffered the onslaught of the most violent winds. By his photography Ansel ADAMS shows both the fragility of nature, but also its extreme resilience. The result is an image with Japanese accents, close to the traditional japanese prints Ukiyo-e by some aspects and to the art of bonsai. The great poetry of the sight inspired other photographers, including Mitch DOBROWNER who pays tribute to him in his photography Twisted Tree.

Mitch DOBROWNER, Twisted Tree, 2005

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Jeffrey Pine, Sentinel Dome
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