Monument Valley


c. 1970

tirage argentique, 27,3 x 35,2 cm / 10,8 x 13,9 inch

Brett WESTON, also member of the f/64 group, photographed Monument Valley multiple times. In his photographs the majesty of the plateaus in the valley and the clouds of the sky respond each other. By mirroring two immensities, Brett WESTON accentuates the magnificence of the landscape. This mirror technique between plans (earth/sky; lake/sky or lake/mountains) was regularly used by Brett WESTON. It thus explores the reflexive dimension of images and their ability to open up a story. Brett WESTON’s photograph of the Mendenhall Glacier (1973) pushes this practice to its climax, the picture becoming almost abstract because of the entrenchment between the Glacier Mendenhall and its reflection in a lake.

Brett WESTON, Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska, 1973

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Monument Valley
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