Mural of Moonrise, Hernandez



Gelatin silver print

Ansel ADAMS realised this picture in 1941 in New-Mexico. The story of the photographic shot is well documented, Ansel ADAMS described it in Examples : The Making of Forty Photographs. On the way home, after a rather disappointing photographic expedition, Ansel ADAMS was suddenly facing a beautiful landscape with an amazing light. However, his measuring instruments are packed and he was failling to find them. Ansel ADAMS coped with this by relying on the light of the Moon to adjust the camera settings. Just after the photo shot, the Sun’s rays began to dawn, making impossible any new attempt. It is one of the most well known photo taken by Ansel ADAMS, printed more than thousand times and is in many museum collections across the world.

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Mural of Moonrise, Hernandez
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