Eiffel Tower, Paris

Stephen WILKES


series: Day to Night, digital photography

Stephen WILKES who likes to photograph emblematic and touristic places, has of course given his interpretation of what it meant to photograph the Eiffel Tower. Here the separation between day and night is done from front to back. As if to show the best of each place. The Trocadero fountain is lit by full sunlight. It is interesting to focus on the cast shadows produced by people and vegeta-tion. They form a kind of absolutely surrealist radiance, as if the sun were in the centre of the fountain.

At the bottom of the image is the night. The Eiffel Tower is in the centre, illuminated and magnified by a sky that shines around it. All the image guidelines meet at the foot of the building. The trails of light left by the cars suggest the city’s nightlife, which never rests.

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Eiffel Tower, Paris - Stephen WILKES
Eiffel Tower, Paris
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