Rockefeller Center

Stephen WILKES


series: Day to Night, digital photography

In 2013 Stephen WILKES took the photograph of the Rockefeller Center in New York City. A cliché quite different from the previous ones, here people passing through the place are no longer the main interest. The geometric composition of the image is very impressive, the two large buildings in front of the Rockefeller center form just like the two legs of a sphinx. The tower is magnified by the angle of view, light and guidelines of the buildings and the sky that meet again in the center of the high-est point of the image. This photography was taken around Christmas, there is snow on the roofs but not in the streets, at the bottom of the tower is a large illuminated Christmas tree. Here, everything in the shadows is at night and everything in the light has been photographed during the day. It is therefore possible to observe New York and its buildings in all their aspects, at a glance.

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Rockefeller Center - Stephen WILKES
Rockefeller Center
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