Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Stephen WILKES


series: Day to Night, digital photography

Around 2015, Stephen WILKES’ main topics will gradually change. Having started by concentrating on tourist places of great frequentation, he gradually moved towards parks and less urban areas and finally photographed very recently the great migrations. This photography taken around a waterhole in the Savannah of Tanzania in Serengeti National Park marks a turning point in the artist’s career. No human presence in this shot. Stephen WILKES camouflaged himself for about 30 hours in order to have no impact on animal behavior. The photographer shows us the great intelligence of animals that cross paths but do not hunt each other. In times of great heat, they establish the water point, vital for each of the species, as a place of peace. Allowing the entire Savannah to survive the dry seasons and Stephen WILKES to give us an exceptional image.

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Serengeti National Park, Tanzania - Stephen WILKES
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
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