Jaffa Gate

American Colony

19th century

Private Collection

Jaffa Gate is also called “David’s gate” by the Jews or “Gate of the Friend” by the Arabs. The gate is a stone portal in the ancient wall in the fortifications of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is the only gate that opens from the western part of Jerusalem.

The American Colony was a colony established in Jerusalem in 1881 by members of the Christian Utopian Society led by Anna and Horatio SPAFFORD. Around 1900, Elijiah MEYER, a member of the American Colony, began to take photographs of Jerusalem city. His work was fast-growing, it was therefore divided into two projects led respectively by Hol Lars (Lewis) Larsson and G. Eric Maston. The latter created the Matson Photographic Service.

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Jaffa Gate - American Colony
Jaffa Gate
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