Nabi Samuil


Circa 1940

Private Collection

Nabi Samuil is on a northern hill of Jerusalem. Judaism and Islam venerate this place. According to tradition, a nearby cave was regarded as the tomb of the prophet Samuel. The tradition associated Nabi Samuil with Ramah where the prophet would be dead. However, modern studies match this place to Mitzpa in the Bible. This is a city of ancient Israel belonging to the tribe of Benjamin. Indeed, the prophet Samuel lived there only at the beginning of the Byzantine era.

Edgar HIRSHBEIN was born in 1919 in Yugoslavia. After fighting with the partisans during the Second World War, he emigrated to Palestine. Between 1947 and 1948, he worked as an independent photojournalist for Time Life, then for the Jerusalem Post, Ma’ariv, Yedioth Ahronot, and Bamachaneh.

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Nabi Samuil - Edgar HIRSHBEIN
Nabi Samuil
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