Panorama of Bethel

P.Z. (Photochrome Zurich)

Circa 1895

Photochrome, Vintage, 22,5 cm x 16,5 cm, Private Collection

Bethel is a toponym that appears in the Old Testament. This place is 10 kilometers north of Jerusalem. Bethel is marked by several biblical events. For example, Abraham built an altar after the meeting with God. The judges in the Bible, during the period between the conquest of Canaan and the appearance of kingship (-1150 - -1130), built there a shrine where they placed the Ark of the Covenant. The prophet Samuel, who appointed the first king of the Hebrews, brought judgment there.

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Panorama of Bethel - P.Z. (Photochrome Zurich)
Panorama of Bethel
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