Stonemason in Jerusalem

P.Z. (Photochrome Zurich)

Circa 1890

Photochrome, Vintage, 22,5 cm x 16,5 cm, Private Collection

Every large edifice in Palestine is built of stone to assure its eternity. It is famous for its perfect size of blocks and its beauty. For these remarkable achievements, stonemasons played a key role. Titus Flavius Josephus (37/38 in Jerusalem – c. 100 in Rome), a Roman-Jewish historian, said about the construction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem: “The whole structure of this beautiful stone edifice was so well constructed that we could not perceive its joints. Although it seemed that Nature had formed this edifice with a single piece of stone, the art and the instruments which excellent masters used to make their works more beautiful had contributed a great deal. [2]

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Stonemason in Jerusalem - P.Z. (Photochrome Zurich)
Stonemason in Jerusalem
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