The Kidron Valley, Bethlehem road


19th century

Albumen paper from negative glass, 27,5 cm x 39,5 cm, Private Collection

The Kidron is a valley between Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives. At the bottom of the valley, there is the stream that gave it its name. Water only flows during a certain period of the year (approximately 9 months). The stream is also known for flash floods during rainy winter months. The Gospel mentions the valley “where Jesus went back with his disciples”.

Félix BONFILS (1831-1885) is a French photographer. He was one of the first commercial photographers to produce large-scale images of the Middle East in the late 19th and the early 20th century. In 1867, he moved to Beirut to photograph views of the entire Middle East for travelers.

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The Kidron Valley, Bethlehem road - Félix BONFILS
The Kidron Valley, Bethlehem road
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