Our services

The Museum of Photography offers its expertise for various missions. Its services are aimed at professionals and individuals. Their purpose is the creation, management and promotion of collections of photographs.

Turnkey exhibitions

We also carry out tailor-made exhibitions for:

  • local and regional authorities
  • companies
  • institutions and preferences
  • individuals

Several themes are possible. They adapt to the needs of each of the players.

Exposition de photographies

Rental of photography exhibitions

For whom?

  • Companies,
  • local authorities, local authorities,
  • organizations
  • individuals

can call on our professionals to set up exhibitions according to their needs. All our exhibitions are designed by specialists in order to guarantee their quality. The Museum of Photography adapts to your projects and provides you with advice in designing, producing and setting up exhibitions.
The photographs are framed by us and we take care of their delivery, scenography and educational content (booklet, catalog, bibliographic files, artist biography, educational panels).

Setting up exhibitions in public areas:

  • Parks and gardens
  • Hall of town hall and administration
  • Market hall
  • Stations
  • Schoolyard, etc…

allows to have a policy cultural culture for everyone, including those who do not pass through the door of cultural facilities. Bring culture where people go.
An exhibition also strengthens its tourist offer and thus boosts its attractiveness.

Help in building a collection of photographs

Building a collection is a long-term adventure, made up of encounters and discoveries. Taking advantage of a specialized institution allows you to go into the world of photography and thus avoid beginner’s mistakes.
The purposes of a collection are very different whether it is for a business, a private institution, or a private collection.

  • internal and external communication
  • creation of a patrimony
  • fiscal strategy
  • patronage
  • establishment of partnerships
  • humanism

An institutional collection will often have a patrimonial aim or a specific "corporate" focus. Individuals will be more likely to seek art photographs that suit their personal tastes.

The Museum of Photography provides personalized advice and follow-up, necessary for everyone. Using our services also means benefiting from know-how, attentive and confidential listening, a network of collectors and dealers. In respect of a precise specification, defined together, we will take care of the constitution of a collection meeting your expectations.

History of Photography education
The Museum of Photography also provides:

  • courses in the History of Photography,
  • reading and analysis of photographic images,
  • as well as training in the contemporary scene.

They can complete an exhibition, and will then take the form of conferences or seminars, or be part of a more general training project. We can also offer training for individuals wishing to learn about History of Photography.