Mission Operations Control Room



Original NASA photography Apollo 11 S69-39536, C-print, A Kodak Paper, Vintage, Red Tab Number, 20.3 x 25.4 cm, Private Collection

It is a photograph showing a panoramic view of the control room in Houston on the second day of the Apollo 11 Mission. On the television, we can see Neil Armstrong on board the Space Shuttle heading towards the Moon. The shuttle was about 240,000 kilometers from the Earth. The Apollo 11 Mission was the big project of NASA. More than 400,000 people worked on this project. In the foreground, we can see Gene Kranz (on the right) who was the flight director of many missions, including Gemini and Apollo. On the left, a person sitting on the console we can also see, Charlie Duke was CAPCOM of the mission (flight controller and communicator), and interlocutor between the crew and the control room. To the right of Charlie Duke, another CAPCOM is in the picture, probably Bruce McCandless. The CAPCOMs had to relay each other throughout the mission.

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Mission Operations Control Room - NASA
Mission Operations Control Room
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